Summary of Learning

Hello everyone! In my video I tried to capture the essence of learning at my current teaching position. I am truly fortunate to work at a school that places student at the center of all program planning. I have learned so much for everyone in the EC&I 833 class. This is my first class on the Masters of Ed. Teaching, Learning and Leading course route. In the fall I am enrolled in Indigenous Student Success and am anticipating the opportunity to learn from Anna Lea King. Have a great summer everyone! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.

does the link open up?

6 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. The link worked for me! Great job on this. Great to see some photos of your building. The skylight section is beautiful! Fantastic summary. Hope you have a great summer, as well.

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  2. Thank you Christina. The professional growth from this class content and fellow grad students was amazing. Thank you for viewing my summary video. Talk soon


  3. Awesome video! I loved the pictures and the personal touch to see the spaces you occupy. It really added an element of understanding who you are and how this class has impacted you. Thank you for your wonderful insights during the course as well! Have a great rest of your summer!

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    1. That is the point I wanted to get across to my audience. Yes, our school space is functional for all inclusive learning. It is a blend of traditional and technology. I feel honored to have virtually met the class as everyone of you impacted my learning. Have a great summer!

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  4. Great job Ramona! As others have shared, adding the personal pictures really showcased who you are and how proud you are of your school/students! Enjoy the rest of your learning journey!

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