EC&I 833 Week #1 What is Educational Technology?

In the EC&I 833 class we have been asked a series of questions to help us explore the topic Educational Technology. Personally, I think of educational technology as a system that incorporates an integration of technology with the delivery of curriculum. The support of my viewpoint comes from various educators and philosophers, such as G. Siemens when stated “technology has reorganized how we live, how we communicate, and how we learn (p.1).

The professor presented us with articles that explained learning theory and technology theory. When each theory was given consideration, I was able to make connections with my own style of teaching and its impact in the classroom. The Behaviorist theory can be cited when “learning is accomplished when a proper response is demonstrated following the presentation of a specific environmental stimulus” (Ertmer & Newby, p.48). Behaviorism becomes evident when students are asked to participate in a structured lesson and respond/replicate an outcome.

My role has evolved from knowledge keeper to knowledge facilitator. The classroom learning environment still needs me as the teacher. Educational technology has changed and continues to change the delivery of learning, but what does not change is my role. We create the learning content and select technological tools to help deliver content. My personal teaching journey has changed from utilizing basic print technology to internet/computer applications today.

We, as educators, must know learning theory and how it applies to learners before selecting technological applications in the classroom. Resources have to be carefully researched for its design and it affect on learning outcomes. We need to be aware/knowledgeable of subject learning outcomes before we select an technological application and using it as a source of outcome delivery. Careful selection of resources must be employed.

Ekosi. Thank you for reading my response!


3 thoughts on “EC&I 833 Week #1 What is Educational Technology?

  1. Amazing! Ramona, I look forward to learning more about your role as a knowledge facilitator, and I appreciate how you share such a different perspective than my own as a Grade 6 teacher. I like how you said that technology is always changing but your role remains the same. I also agree that good pedagogy comes before incorporating technology just to say that you have used it. I am interested in learning more about your role and how you navigate your classrooms and utilize technology that is made available to you. I look forward to reading your future posts!


  2. Hi Ramona! What a wonderful EC&I 833 blog post. Your definition of educational technology is one that belongs in a dictionary (in print or online!). Your mention of technology as it intersects with curriculum is important because the curriculum is the foundation of our teaching. Furthermore, your quote from Siemens is important to note as well, since technology has reorganized and changed the way we learn. And this couldn’t be more true in the past year as we taught from a distance through the pandemic. Technology has impacted the way we learn, and the way our students learn. And you are right that as teachers, we are tasked with selecting and using technology that supports our students in their learning. I look forward to reading your blog again!


  3. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your post Ramona.
    I agree with you that the readings allowed me to better understand the theories and I saw how my own teaching practices are connected. I also agree with what you said about how your role remains the same as a teacher. Technology is only a tool that we use to deliver our content. I can see that in my role as a nurse educator. When I was a nursing student 18 years ago we didn’t use much technology, aside form word processing for writing papers. All of the content was in textbooks and hardcopy research journals, I spent a lot of time in the library. Its changed so much, now students have unlimited access and don’t even need to step foot on campus to access all the information. But all the technology will not teach them how to become a competent nurse, they need the guidance of an experienced instructor to guide them.
    I look forward to learning more about your experiences in future posts!


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